What We Do

Branded Merchandise

At Uppercut, our goal is to magnetize your brand. We don’t mindlessly slap logos onto outdated trinkets, and we don’t sell from a catalog. We create sophisticated, retail-worthy extensions of your brand. And we do this fast, and on-budget.

Creative Services

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on having impeccable taste and a keen eye for aesthetics. But we also believe that design and strategy are married concepts, and this is the key driver in every project we do. Every big idea is informed by a business goal, and every decision is calculated. Our projects aren’t just expertly designed, they’re strategically sound to produce results.

Event Management

We produce events that engage, inspire, and deliver a message. Whether it’s a store opening, new product launch, or a client-appreciation golf tournament, we translate your brand story into inspired interactions and an unforgettable experience.

Custom Apparel

We offer among the highest level of customization in apparel, and not just workplace uniforms and corporate attire. From concept to stitch, we produce retail-ready private label and branded attire with superior design and quality. Our U.S. and overseas manufacturing partnerships afford our clients competitive pricing and endless options for customization.

Product & Brand Launches

Fortune 500 companies and budding new start-ups alike trust Uppercut to extend the reach of new store openings, product releases, and brand launches. We think outside of the tote bag — we build experiences that spark interest about your product and deliver your brand message. Still need a tote bag? Give us a shout.

Kitting & Fulfillment

We are fast, flexible, and reliable. We manage production, shipping, warehousing, and kitting projects of any size, and we do so with precision, speed, and cost-effective solutions.